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How You Can Help:

There are several ways you can help such as: First let us explain and show you how your pledge or investment can be turned into The Gift That Will Keep on Giving to a worthy cause of your choice.

Our sister company The Century 22 Investment Group, offers to all people a new safe and secure way to invest and borrow money; we also want to empower these people and others to help those individuals who are less fortunate by making a pledge or a donation to a worthy cause of their choice. These pledges and donations will then be turned into a gift that will keep on giving to the cause chosen.

At your convenience we would like for you to click on the link below to The Century 22 Investment Group and read over the information on the web site. We especially recommend reading the page Free Marketing for a Pledge under the tab Programs Available, along with any other programs you may see as well. Please feel free to Contact Us for a better understanding and to answer any questions that you may have. We would appreciate the opportunity to explain to you how our programs work and how we share profits with a worthy cause. We would also like for you to see and understand the safety and security along with the generous profits we are offering to our clientele. If you decide that one of these programs will work for you, then all you have to do is ask yourself three questions: "How much do I want to pledge or invest?" "How much of the profits do I want to donate or pledge to the cause?" and "What worthy cause do I want to share my profits with?" To help you decide on a cause click on A Worthy Cause. Choose one or more from the list that you feel in your heart is worth supporting or you can suggest one of your own. Once you have done this then please Contact Us so we can begin to help others.

Our Online Store is another way you may choose because when you purchase any item in our store, we will donate a certain percentage of the profits to the cause that corresponds with that item.

If you are not interested in our programs at this time and would like to only make a Donation to a cause of your choice, then please click A Worthy Cause.

Please keep in mind that either program you choose to support is doing a wonderful thing; we will be working together and together we can and will begin to restore prosperity back into our local communities and help others who so desperately need our help.

We hope you share our vision and join us in helping to touch someone else’s life in a more positive way.

We promise you will feel good and be rewarded in many ways.

"One man gives freely; yet gains
even more;
Another withholds unduly, but ends up