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America's Write for Prosperity was created with the sole purpose in mind which is to raise awareness and to help raise funds for certain causes where a path to prosperity needs to be implemented and restored. The first cause we are promoting is called "America’s Military Write for Prosperity." The purpose is to bring awareness and to raise funds so we can provide a path way to prosperity for the children and families belonging to our military.

America's fine men and women of The United States Military serve and protect our Country proudly every minute of the day and continue to do so while making many life changing sacrifices; sometimes even with their own life. Some of these men and women are mothers and fathers as well and these sacrifices can affect their families to; such as the future of their children.

We know deep down all parents would like the opportunity to provide their children with a sound path way to a better future and to watch them grow; because as a parent it is in our human nature wanting to give more to our children then what we were given while we were growing up. This is why for many generations mothers and fathers across this great country have continued to work hard every day. We want to provide our children with the opportunity to have a stronger and a more prosperous future then the generation before. However the men and women who serve in our military sometimes do not know what the future holds for them or for their children. Yes they make plans for their child's future just like any other mother and father would but sometimes these plans are cut short and even stopped completely because of the life changing sacrifices they have made for our country's freedom.

We believe it takes a special person to be able to make these sacrifices but it also takes a special person to show their appreciation in return. America's Write for Prosperity would like to show its appreciation by honoring all past and present day men and women of the military. We want to honor them for protecting our Country’s freedom. This freedom is what makes us who we are. Freedom is what gave and still continues to give each and every one of us the ability to provide a better future for ourselves and for our families.

So please show your appreciation in return and join us in honoring all the men, women and children of the military by helping them to see a more prosperous future.

To honor all the men, women and children of the military, America's Write for Prosperity has created two different path ways towards prosperity for them. The first path we are promoting is a fund raising campaign for America's military children and families. The funds will go to supplying them any of the basic tools needed to succeed in life such as medical expenses, food and housing. The funds will also be made available for the children who need help with schools supplies and any of the basic tools needed for them to receive a good education. The funds will also help to promote our countries freedom while honoring all the fine men and women of the military. With everyone's continued support and effort we will be able to help future generations with the basic tools needed to succeed in life as well.

The second path we are promoting is an Essay Contest. This contest will give the men and women of the military the opportunity to prosper by helping one another. To get a better understanding of the contest or to see if you meet the qualifications; see The Rules and Qualifications for the Essay Contest.

For those of you who would like to donate to the military children and family cause "America's Military Write for Prosperity" please see instructions below. Any gift from the heart would be greatly appreciated.

Don't forget to look at our Upcoming Events. We hope to see you at the events as well.

We would like to thank you for supporting the men, women and children of The United States Military and for supporting Americas Freedom.

Remember To Always Stand Strong and Stand Proud America!

Instructions for donating to: "America's Military Write for Prosperity."

Checks and Money Orders: Due to certain banking regulations and laws, donations can only be sent in the form of a check or money order. Please make your donation out to;

America's Write for Prosperity

P.O Box 100205

Cape Coral, Fl. 33910

Please note on your check or money order "For: Americas Military Write." Or you may prefer to purchase an item...

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Credit Cards: Due to certain banking regulations and laws we cannot accept donations through the form of a credit card. However credit cards are accepted for purchasing products from our online store and for every single item that is purchased from our online store; America's Write for Prosperity will donate a certain percentage of the profits to the cause.

We are proud to say that about 90% of the products we carry are made here in America. These products are of excellent quality and workmanship. You are welcome to browse our Online Store.

Please contact us with any questions or if you need any help with your donation or purchase.